Niko d.o.o. was founded in 1991.

The initial activity was commerce with timber, mainly the sale of veneer, elements, boards and other products of different tree species intended for the furniture industry. Over the years, the volume of business grew, as we worked together with our suppliers and loyal customers to create successful and reliable business environment.

In 1997 the company experienced a turnaround.

We specialize in producing components for chairs made of solid wood, rotary cut and sliced veneer of various tree species. We have expanded our business and with the opening of production facilities in Račice opted for its own production of wood components for the furniture industry (curved plywood, curved elements,…)

In 2003 we made a step forward in the integration of the manufacturing process.

In cooperation with subcontractors, we started to offer our customers useful and original solutions for seating industry.  We have specialized in the design and manufacturing of wood components for seating, as shells, backs and seats, all of them with different kind of finishing: just mechanized, polished, varnished or lacquered.

Crisis year of 2010 marked the beginning of a strong commitment towards opening to foreign markets and develop new components and continuous efforts for innovation and design, which enables our customers manufacturing and selling tables and chairs with a higher added value. At the same time, we decided to open an additional production facility in Bosnia, where we began to independently produce rotary cut veneer.

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