Sliced veneer

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Sliced veneer - Beech

Quality: As required by costumer 

  • Lenght: 50 cm – 400 cm
  • Width: from 8 cm up
  • Thickness: 0,55 mm; 0,9 mm;
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Sliced veneer – Ash

Qualitiy: as required by costumer

  • Length:   50 cm – 400 cm
  • Width:  from 8 cm up
  • Thickness:   0,6 mm; 0,9 mm;
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Sliced veneer – Maple

Quality: as required by costumer

  • Length: 50 cm – 400 cm
  • Width: from 8 cm up
  • Thickness: 0,6 mm

Latin name: Acer saccharum; Fam. Aceraceae
Other names: Sugar Maple, Hard Maple
Characteristics: very heavy and strong hardwood with uniform texture, one of the most important North American species, also used for Maply syrup production, fast growing, very resistant to shock and abrasive wear
Wood color: creamy white sapwood with sometimes slightly reddish brown tinges, heartwood very light greyish-brown
Application: musical instruments, floorings, furniture, sporting goods, bowling alleys and pins

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Sliced veneer – Oak

  • Latin name: Quercus robur L., Quercus petreae Liebl.; Fam. Fagaceae
  • Characteristics: hardwood, good slicable, also for rotary cut
  • Wood color: grey-yellow to pale brown, darkening to dark yellow-brown
  • Source: Europe
  • Application: superior furniture and interior design, doors, parquets, carpentry, barrels, half-timber

Quality:      as required by costumer


  • Length: 50 cm – 400 cm
  • Width: od 8 cm navzgor
  • Thickness: 0,6 mm; 0,9 mm

We specialize in producing
components for chairs
made of solid wood, rotary
cut and sliced veneer of
various tree species.

Niko Proizvodnja in
trgovina d.o.o.

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